Silent Cat 4' Camera Slider

Silent Cat 4' Camera Slider


Manufacturer Description:

“The Silent Cat™ 4000 Camera Slider is 50 inches long and allows a 38” travel. The 38” travel provides considerable movement to avoid laying a piece of track.  In close quarters you can reposition the camera and track out of doorways and corners with ease. There are five mounting positions to choose from when mounting to a camera dolly or any Standard Mitchell Mount*. Use the custom counter weight tray whenever you cantilever the Silent Cat™ 4000.  Switching from top mounted to under slung is fast and requires no tools. The Silent Cat™ 4000 is the only camera sliders that can under sling directly off of the camera dolly.  This allows the camera lens to be as low as possible to the scene.” - Manufacturer Website

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Additional Info

Manufacturer Website

  • Model: TCSC - 4000

  • Silent Cat Dimensions: 50” x 10”

  • Track Length: 48”

  • Travel: 38”

  • Silent Cat Weight: 36 lbs

  • Case Weight: 54 lbs

  • Case Dimensions: 54”x 19”x 11”