GF Multi-Jib

GF Multi-Jib


The GF-Multi Jib is a professional, lightweight and modular jib arm, suitable for carrying all general remote head systems. It is portable, mobile and mounts on most standard dollies fitted with Euro-adapter or Mitchell mounts. The arm is stabilized with an easy to mount, rod rigging system. A multitude of configurations are possible simply by combining the sections and building the arm to the length required.

System Type: Modular remote head jib

  • Mounting for Fulcrum: Mitchell and Euro

  • Min Arm Dims: 3’ reach,7’6” overall length

  • Max Arm Dims: 16’ reach, 22’5” overall length

  • Max Payload per Reach: 3’ thru 14’3” = 132 lbs, 15’ thru 16’ = 99 lbs

  • Max Counter Weight: 555 lbs

  • Base Dims: 3’-6’’ H x 50”-64” L x 34” W

  • Track Size: 24.5” and 39”

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