Chapman Super PeeWee® IV

Chapman Super PeeWee® IV


The PeeWee is the camera dolly that revolutionized the ability to use a Hollywood style camera dolly on location back in the 1980's.

The Chapman Super PeeWee IV Dolly features a revolutionary new three mode transmission featuring conventional, crab and round steering that can be shifted while the dolly is moving or stationary, without the dolly operator’s hands leaving the steering handle. This transmission has the ability to be adjusted to provide perfect steering geometry when reconfiguring the chassis to its various leg positions. No other transmission has been able to do this.

The new arm design provides greater operator clearance, while assuring greater rigidity, smoothness, speed and added vertical travel. This new trim arm design also allows for lower camera setups when the camera is located above the chassis. All edges and corners are rounded to provide for greater operator comfort.

Revolution MPS rents the Super PeeWee IV dolly as well as other dolly systems throughout New England and the Northeast. Call or email today to inquire or receive a quote.

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