"The Slider" 4' Camera Slider

"The Slider" 4' Camera Slider


Manufacturer Description:

“The 4-Foot Slider is our most popular model, as it offers the greatest flexibility. It’s small enough to get into tight spaces, yet long enough that it won’t limit your range of motion.

With the 4-Foot Slider, you have the option of being able to move the mounting from the standard center position to an offset position that extends the Slider’s reach. This feature comes in handy when shooting car interiors or tabletop, as it allows the camera to reach deeper into the car or farther across the table. Underslung or overslung, the Slider gives you peace of mind….” - Manufacturer Website

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Additional Info

Manufacturer Website

  • Slider Dimensions: 48” x 12” x 2.5”

  • Track Length: 48”

  • Travel: 36''

  • Slider Weight: 46 lbs

  • Case Weight: 44 lbs

  • Case Dimensions: 54” x 16” x 9”